About this fans' website

Welcome to the fan site of the Tango Pasión, the show that has been thrilling audiences all over the world for the past decade. Started in 2001, it became the official Tango Pasión site in 2004, before returning to its original purpose in 2009. For the new official Tango Pasión website, please visit www.tangopasion.com and www.uau.pt or join them on Facebook.

We would like to thank Mel Howard of AIS Production NY, Artistic director and former producer of the show, for the materials he kindly provided to enrich this site over the years. Also, www.tangoyorkshire.co.uk for looking after this website since its launch.

About the show

In 1982, many years after their triumph on Broadway with Hector Orezzoli and Claudio Segovia’s legendary Tango Argentino, the producer Mel Howard and José Libertella (co-director with Luis Stazo of the Orchestra Sexteto Mayor) decided to create a new, totally different tango spectacle, which would be much more than just a variety show.

Mel Howard and José Libertella, accompanied by the choreographer Hector Zaraspe and the painter Ricardo Carpani, spent many months in Buenos Aires creating a show which weaved together many different tango stories. They uncovered a cast of fabulous dancers who also represented the full range of Argentine society.

The result was Tango Pasión, which began life in a modest theatre in Miami, Florida, moving next to Broadway and then the rest of the world.

During two hours, the dancers of the Tango Pasión show let you discover the passion of the Argentinian Tango to the music of the 2003 Latin Grammy Award winner orchestra Sexteto Mayor.

Tango Pasión
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