Graciela Garcia & Osvaldo Ciliento


Osvaldo and Graciela began dancing together in 1985; when they combined their many years of individual experience as professional dancers and were incorporated into the best Argentine Tango and Folklore companies. Constantly refining their art, they have continued to study with Los Dinzels.

They have been principal performers with The Orchestra of Mariano Mores, Leopoldo Federico y José Colángelo and in Australia and Asia with The Orchestra of Osvaldo Requena. They toured the United States with the show El Tango de Mariano Mores.

With the Sexteto Mayor they created and choreographed the show Tangomanía that performed in Italy, Turkey, Chile, and Argentina.

They have performed as principals on all of the Argentine television stations.

Osvaldo and Graciela have been with Tango Pasión since its creation. Osvaldo is assistant to Hector Zaraspe and responsible for maintaining the show on tour.

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